The simple answer is God called us to Tampa.  We were like most people, when we think of missionaries we think of people moving to far away lands like India or China or Venezuela, not Tampa, Florida.  However, as we began answering God’s call upon our lives we realized that when one looks around the world it becomes very clear that Jesus’ church is booming in places like India and China and Venezuela but dying here in the United States.  We truly believe that there will be more and more people called to be missionaries here within the United States.  The other factor is, the Latino population is the fastest growing group in the United States and the Tampa Bay area has one of the highest Latino populations of any place in the US.
God has called Pastor Jared and Pastora Lim and their family to be missionaries in Tampa, FL.  They have no financial backing except what people like you give.  Their goal is to raise up giving units in Tampa that will, in time, replace the need for financial support as missionaries.
The Lathem’s fundraising goal is $7,000 per month. Please see the next question for an in depth look at that figure. Donate Today.
40% will be for pensions, insurance, etc. Salary will be 60%. All of this is less than the cost of a full-time Methodist pastor in GA. The cost of the ministry will be borne by those who participate in it, those we reach with the Gospel. We currently own a home in Ball Ground, GA which is completely paid off. In order to buy a home in Tampa with no mortgage, we will sell the home in GA and pay off all of their current debt (2 car payments, student loan, etc.) Be assured, 100% of your donations will go towards the ministry. We will personally be giving 15% of our income to Venezuela Now, Inc. Donate Today.