Best Day Ever

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Today will go down as one of the best days ever in the Lathem house.  We celebrated three amazing things.

  1. Elijah’s 6th birthday.  Our little man is now 6 years old.  We celebrated by Elijah’s choices of ordering a pizza, eating a delicious chocolate cake that Lim made and watching Toy Story 2.  His favorite part was, of course, opening his presents.
  2. Elijah’s Kindergarten Graduation.  We also celebrated Elijah’s graduation form Kindergarten.  He was presented with a medal and cheers from all the family.
  3. Zoe and Elijah accepted Jesus today!!  This is, obviously, the most important event that occurred today.  Yesterday in church they learned the “I am a C, I am a Ch, I am a Christian…” song.  I asked them this morning how they knew they were Christians and they weren’t able to answer the question.  I began telling them that to be a Christian means a person repents of their sins, surrenders their life to Jesus and makes Him Lord of their life.  I then asked them if that was something they would like to do.  To my great pleasure they both said, “Yes.”  Lim and I sat on the sofa and Zoe climbed up into my lap, while Elijah knelt in front of us.  I then led them in a prayer, where they acknowledged their sin and need for a Savior.  They then asked Jesus to be the Lord of their lives.  As tears rolled down my eyes I said, “Amen.”   Today in Heaven angels and a great company of saints are rejoicing.  If you would like to send Zoe and Elijah a note about their new relationship with Jesus you can send it to: 2865 Hightower Rd.  Ball Ground, GA 30107

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