Welcome to Promesa Ministries

Latinos are the fastest growing minority in the United States. We truly believe God is going to use this group to bring about revival in this country. While most have come here for the promise of a better life, we at Promesa Ministries are committed to revealing the promises of eternal life and the life abundant here on earth to them. It is only through your financial support that we are able to reach the over 750,000 Latinos the the Tampa Bay area.

Our Mission

Promesa is Spanish for “promise” and we are passionate about sharing these promises with the Latino population in Tampa.

Our Focus

We practice our love for God by showing His love and bringing others into a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Beliefs

We believe our love for God must govern everything we do and this love must possess us fully.


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Today will go down as one of the best days ever in the Lathem house.  We celebrated three amazing things. Elijah’s 6th birthday.  Our little man is now 6 years old.  We ce [...]

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lullaby by ray warren lathem III “I remember safety security I remember a feeling so strong At times I couldn’t sleep And then as quickly as it had begun my love was en [...]

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22, April, 2016Posted by :Jared Lathem(0)Comments

The Lord continues to call us to make changes in our lives.  We thought moving to Tampa and beginning a brand new ministry was all He was going to call us to do.  Not so fast.   [...]

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